Who Is Titan Capri?

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Titan Capri is an HIV Advocate, Author, Entertainer, Veteran (8 years Army), Father, Photographer, Ryan White Planning Council member, and host of a Live Broadcast called The Thought2Ponder #T2P on FB and YouTube every Monday @ 7 pm CST.


After working in corporate for 11 years. Titan decided to move away from his corporate job and pursue his love of photography and storytelling via his website


After taking time to express himself via the website. Things started to change, and he felt the need to be more to his LGBTQIA community. He felt the need to represent his community and speak about the community's disparities. How could he do that, when there was a part of his life that stayed hidden for so long?

He had no idea how this truth would take after being diagnosed with AIDS in 2005 and only having 4 T-cells. It was a horrible experience from the doctor to the hospital stays and the yearning to understand his diagnosis. This took him down a path of denial coupled with thoughts of death and depression. He felt lost and misunderstood. Not to mention dirty and nasty!


There was a moment of spiritual clarity about two years into his diagnosis. After that moment, he decided to take some time to work on his overall health (Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically). It took some time to do this because there was so much to work through. He kept this secret due to HIV stigma being at the forefront until March of 2019, when he made a bold and intentional move to come out about his status! This truth came with a great sense of freedom.


Today Titan is a 51-year-old Black Gay Male thriving in the great city of Houston, Tx. Working as a Peer Navigation Specialist/Linkage Case Manager with Aids Foundation Houston. He is on the front lines of ensuring that recently diagnosed clients have the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual support they need. Also, by being a member of the Ryan White Planning Council, he is in a position to promote change around HIV and HIV diagnosis. He believes that HIV is his purpose and one way to eradicate HIV / HIV stigma is to be there early in a client's diagnosis. He believes in being vocal about his HIV journey and the challenges he faced.  


Hopefully, it will help someone trying to navigate the disparities in one's diagnosis. Believing that no one should ever face the very thing he was met with 17 years ago! Over the last 3 years, he has made strides in his status by becoming an advocate and council member, believing that everyone deserves to have their story heard! 

Titan's motto and mantra are "We Can No Longer Be Silent"!

Peace N Blessings

Titan Capri