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Who Is Titan Capri?

Name: Titan Capri

Pronouns: He Him His


Titan Capri is an HIV Advocate, Community Leader, Army Veteran (8 years), and a host of a Live Broadcast called The Titan Capri Experience #TCE. Every Monday on FB & YouTube @ 7 pm CST.


Titan is a Black Gay Male living in his Truth and Thriving with HIV for 17 years.  Identifying as someone aging with HIV at the age of 51, he feels that our stories need to be heard.  Titan started on this storytelling journey, lending his voice to the documentary by The Normal Anomaly called Outcry.  It was there that he realized there is power in storytelling.  He also saw that there was a lack of representation from someone that identifies as he does.  


Titan started working with CBOs in 2019 that serve the HIV community.  This gave Titan a hands-on approach to eradicating HIV stigma in his life and within the community he serves.  While working with others, Titan discovered that there was HIV stigma in his life stemming from his AIDS diagnosis 17 years ago.  He made a promise to himself that no one should ever go through what he went through with his diagnosis. 


Titan was voted onto the Ryan White Planning Council for 2022-2023.  Titan is someone who believes representation is key. He is proud to be a part of the Ryan White Planning Council, lending his voice to make a difference in the community and the world.  Within the last two years, Titan has come into his artistic expression via speaking engagements and spoken word.  He has been a part of The T.R.U.T.H Project’s open mic, heART&SOUL, where he has been able to express his truth, journey, and HIV status.  Titan feels that just because he is aging with HIV doesn't mean that his truth (experiences, stories, and lessons) doesn’t need to be heard. 


Titan believes that through his purpose of lived experiences and honesty about what he has experienced.  He will be able to eradicate stigma in and around the community.  Increasing safe spaces for those living and thriving with HIV!

Hopefully, it will help someone trying to navigate the disparities in one's diagnosis. Believing that no one should ever face the very thing he was met with 17 years ago! Over the last 3 years, he has made strides in his status by becoming an advocate and council member, believing that everyone deserves to have their story heard! 

Titan's motto and mantra are "We Can No Longer Be Silent"!

Peace N Blessings

Titan Capri

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