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Beautiful Stajha

Stajha was ready for her prom and she trusted me to bring out her beauty through my lens.

Keisha's Beauty is Key Photoshoot

Keisha wanted to celebrate being who she is. Celebrate life and the fact that she is secure in her skin.

Tee's Masquerade Birthday Bash

This beautiful lady gave me the honor of capturing her for her masquerade birthday bash.

Beautiful Jalesia

This lovely young lady! Wanted to capture her essence for her graduation. She was a joy to work with and I am thankful that they selected me to bring her essence through on camera. Thank you!

Shanita Vital Davis

Known as the Classroom Management Diva she wanted to express her spirit, her strength, and her beauty! I hope and pray that I did her justice with this photo shoot. I can not wait until we work together again!

Dr. S. Grays

This lovely lady (my friend) and graduate! Asked if I would do the honor of capturing her for her milestone! I was honored and blessed for the request. I hope and pray I did her justice. Thank you so much lady!

Ladies Circle

Here my good friends (family) came together to help me out with my craft. I wanted to show some good friends, having a good time, with great energy. Thank you ladies for the love and support!

Tabitha's Smile

This beautiful lady has the ability to lighting up a room with that infectious smile! I had to capture her essence.

My Circle
Shanita 40 & Fabulous

It was a great night to celebrate her 40th. I am blessed that she choose me to capture her beauty.


This young business woman is on her way up and making moves. She wanted me to capture her essence. I believe that her essence is sassy.

CyFair HOCO 18 Dutchess Sasha

This young lady Sasha won the title of Homecoming Dutchess for CyFair! Black girls rock!

Lux Kurvez
Devorah Couture

Black owned online boutique for your Couture pleasure.

Vital Kreations

This young lady has officially received her license. She is a master stylist. She wanted a couple of photos to commemorate her getting her license and starting this part of her journey! Congrats lady! The world is ready for all you have to offer!

Rich Gotti
Kanicia Graduation

This young lady graduated today with her Bachelors! I am so proud of her and her accomplishments! I am also glad I was able to capture her beauty on her day!

CyFair HOCO 18

Lingerie Photo shoot

Nicole & Byron Wedding
I Carry In The Sunset
Dee's Graduation

I had the honor of capturing this young lady on her graduation day! It was a milestone for her and I was blessed to be able to capture this moment in time! Congrats Dee! Peace N Blessings!

Ashley's Maternity Shoot

I had the honor and privilege to capture this husband and wife as they are poised to welcome their first child together!

Ian's Brightest Light

I am in a Retrograde! You are in a Retrograde! We are in a Retrograde! And for these shots the retro was yellow! Sun and smile!


I am in a Retrograde! You are in a Retrograde! We are in a Retrograde! And for these shots the retro was white with a splash of color! Lol!

Natasha The Business Woman

This lady here has allowed me to capture her for her business Dorothy Delights!

In Deep Thought

Dancer extraordinaire Damion Sam was pulling us into this piece of artistic expression in only the way he could.

Calvin W 40th Bday

I was honored to capture Calvin on this occasion of turning the big 40!

Ian and the Locks
Sketch and Smoke

I took this photo @ Heart N Soul Revival! Where these dancers took us on a journey of discovery!

Beautiful Bride

Today it was my pleasure and honor to capture her in all her splendor.

Husband & Wife

I was honored to capture this beautiful picture of Husband and Wife for his 40th Bday.

Jones Reunion Class of 89
The Dancers Purple
OFFC Women's Conference
Thai N Da Streets
The Model Unpredictable
Gathering of Roses

This young man here. Damion Sam is a beast of dance. I was happy to capture him in his element. Keep Dancing because that's your blessing to the world.


Myss Meme rocking it at the Popping Purple Fashion Show! Model What? Model Who?

Shantay 45th Celebration

Shantay wanted to celebrate her life of 45 years with a fashion magazine feel!

The Ladies 3

This shot here was for the power of 3! These ladies embodied this power pose!!

Popping Purple MODELS

These ladies rocked the runway for the Popping Purple Fashion Show!

Jen & Tameka DDV 365
Twinz 40 photoshoot

These lovely young ladies wanted to have a photoshoot to represent them turning 40.

Shanita (Capturing my Essence)

Shanita wanted me to capture her essence as the classroom management diva.

The Union

I was asked to capture moments like these for the newlyweds! This warms my heart that I was able to capture this moment and so many other in time.

Colors of Graduation

I was asked to make these two have great graduation pics. I thought what would be better than natural colors, lights and smiles! Love this shoot.


Kenny asked if we could do some photos. Nothing grand just a lil shoot! And this was the outcome.

Beauty is Natural - Erica Bolden

This was Erica's first time in front of the camera. I believe in natural beauty and she exudes that natural glow. I am thankful that she chose me to make art with!

Natasha The Smile Says It All

Natasha wanted a couple of photos that showed her in a different way. You know me and natural light! I advised her that her spirit would shine through. And look what this photo says!

DeeDee & Sulandraus Wedding

I was honored and blessed to be the photogriphany for their nuptials!

The Bride and Tha Mug

I was in the bridal suite snapping pix and this one stood out to me. Minutes before she was to walk out to meet her groom I caught this look!

The Bride and Groomsmen

The Bride wanted to get in with the guys. This was the result.

The Bridal Party

The Bride and her ladies were cutting up and this was the results

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