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I often forget that I am only Human. People tend to believe that I am something else and, quite frankly, not human. Although I have shown to be a rock in tough times, I often show up to save the day with a smile. However, I have a room somewhere in the back. In the back of my mind, my heart, and my spirit. Where I go to be, the only thing I can be is human. In that room, I am just Titan; I cry, ache, and feel some type of way. In this room, I can take off the cape, the labels of rockstar, comforter, savior, healer, advocate, and, most importantly, the person that will always get it done. Sometimes people do not see that side of me because I am working so hard to be present on this journey. After all, I don’t want anyone else to suffer the way I have. Aids (because I was diagnosed with only 4 tcells) took me to a bad place mentally, emotionally, and physically. After many clinic visits, hospital stays, and isolation. I would forget that I am only flesh and blood, and it was ok just to be me for a moment. In turn, people forget that. I have been intentional about my most vulnerable moments being private. Please understand that I know my gifts, talents, and purpose. I must admit if I am truly going to stand in those gifts/talents/purpose and I must express truth. My truth is I am constantly reminded that I am of flesh, blood, and bone. No matter how much of an extraordinary being I am. I will always have to acknowledge that the H in HIV is me.



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