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The Titan Chronicles is a series of Black Gay stories loosely based on the main character Titan Capri's life.  Titan believes that everyone is connected and in this 1st installment of the series we find out just how much.  So follow him on this journey as he navigates Trauma, Friends, Love, HIV+ status and his Self Awakening. 


About the Author:

Titan Capri is a Black, Gay, HIV+ male, living and thriving in the city of Houston Tx. After being diagnosed with HIV 17 years ago.  He decided to take some time and work on his health and establish a career.  After 11 years he made the decision to move away from that career and pursue his love of photography and storytelling. 

In March of 2019 he made a bold move to come out about his HIV+ status! This truth came with a great sense of freedom.  Titan Capri is an author, entertainer, father, photographer and radio personality.


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