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Tears From Falling

I am crying

All by myself

I need some help



Tell Me

How to stop these tears from falling

I am crying

Oh So Alone

Please Lord

Take Me Home

I don't want to do 




If I could

I would

Close that door

Can Somebody

Please Tell Me

How To Stop These

Tears From Falling

In my thoughts


Sometimes when you thinks its done

It all comes back to one

There are things you've skipped

Even when you've fallen because you've tripped

Over the very thing you've been trying to hide

Its not that your life is bad but your eyes need to open wide

See you known it was wrong from the beginning

But you stayed with it mouth open and feigning

But when all was said and done you felt sad

Because it wasn't the best thing you ever had

People tried to tell you, but you already knew

Hell look at all you went through

So you ignored them and cursed their name

Now when you see them you hold your head in shame

Now you have no where to go now where to turn

For some genuine lover the last 8 months you've yearned

Some people ask why

You sit and cry and cry

I tell them you make a mistake and claimed the enemy

And you ran away from people like me

But now you need us to help you

After all you put us through

I still say for you to be blessed

I forgave but never forgot that mess

You are loving and sweet I know you are

But for my trust you will have to go far

No not being funny but being real

Letting you know this is the real deal

Flight 2783

Empty seat between us

I look at you

You do the same

I turn to the window

But let my hand roam free

Across the seat I touch your leg

The sparks begin to fly

We come eye to eye

Mines brown

Yours grey

What am I doing

As the heat rises

You lick your lips

No protest

From me or you

I take a deep breath

To claim my prize

You close your eyes

I look toward the flight attendant

As you open your eyes and we lock 

I put my hand in the middle 

Let my fingers roam free

You part your lips

For what's about to be

Just when we felt it was time

Please place your tray tables up as we start our decent into Houston.

Titan's Rhymes & Reasons

When words sit deep in your spirit 

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