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Good Morning FLOWER FAN

Good Morning

Yes I call it the FLOWER FAN!

Because for some reason it looks like a fan to me. Actually a beautiful fan. I sometimes wonder if it was meant to look like that or was it divine intervention that one day someone would say it looks like a fan. I know that I see things differently through my lens! However have you ever thought that maybe just maybe this is how this flower was supposed to look! Remember just because your drum has a different beat! It doesn't mean that you do not have a place. It just means that the universe carved out a great space for you. Sometimes it may take a little longer to get to that space so that you can shine and show your different beat! Although sometimes even in my life I am not aware of the fact that others see and feel that different beat even when I don't.

Make it a blessed day!

Enjoy the Flower Fan!

Titan Capri

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