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The Blurred Effect

Good afternoon!

Today's Photo: The Blurred Effect

I don't know if you see anything in this photo! However I see so much! People would always tell me that I take photos of the weirdest things sometimes. I would have to agree that they are correct. Most people would have passed by this photo or trashed it. However when I look at it I see beauty and mystique! I know that the flower is blurred but I think that is the mystique part of it! It makes me look at the this photo even closer. Sometimes in our lives we are blurred or can't see what is truly underneath! But just like this photo your life can hold so much more than you know or realize. The only thing that you need to do sometimes is understand that the blurry part is not bad or ugly. It is just has pretty and valuable because it adds to your story and life!

Peace N Blessings

Titan Capri

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